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rEvodream Madness

thumbnail.aspWith the popularity of the Shearwater NERD, many rEvo divers have elected to remove one of their rEvodreams. The result is lot’s of pre-owned rEvodreams for sale. Check them out in our pre-owned section here.

Beware of package theft!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.26.36 PMThe video here, shows an Add Helium customer having his order stolen right off the front porch of his home in Richmond VA. While we know it’s not always possible for every customer, Add Helium has always recommended having your packages delivered to an address where someone is there to sign for them, such as a work addresses, or a UPS Store.

A wing for Rebreather Divers

ccr35An inherent problem for rebreather divers has always been the difficulty in achieving proper trim in the water. As experienced divers will tell you, proper trim is more than just your ability to orient yourself horizontally – it’s the ability to stay there, perfectly balanced, while not finning or moving. What’s the solution? The Halcyon CCR 35 wing. Read more…

Shearwater NERD

NERD_3With the release of the NERD (Near Eye Remote Display), Shearwater Research has taken the concept of a rebreather head’s up display to a new level.

In what can be described as an impressive feat of optical engineering, Shearwater’s NERD uses a series of lenses that create a ‘virtual focus’ on the display. This means that even when the NERD display read more… 


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