About Us

The Add Helium site is administered by ocean enthusiasts who love diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating and any other activities that can bring people closer to the water.

Add Helium's chief editor is a certified master SCUBA diver (achieved by having adequate underwater experience and having completed the PADI Advanced Open Water,  Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, and five PADI specialty courses).

This site is meant to be a representation of our love for the ocean and watersports, so we provide the best info and advice on the ocean, while striving to provide top notch gear reviews so that all our fellow ocean loves are adequately prepared for any aquatic adventure!

What does "Add Helium" mean?

For advanced and specialized divers, helium can be added to the breathing mix to reduce the effects of nitrogen narcosis in order to safely dive deeper.

As dive and ocean enthusiasts, the idea of spending more time and more depth underwater is awesome! So Add Helium, baby!