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  • 7 Best Scuba Diving Gloves

    Last Updated: February 8, 2021

    Having a pair of gloves on your dive trips can come in handy for a variety of reasons, and so this article will discuss some of he best scuba diving gloves to give your hands some extra warmth and protection. Scuba gloves give you increased warmth, which is especially useful the deeper you go. You may notice beyond 40-50 feet in depth, the water can get considerably colder. 

    Diving gloves also provide an increased layer of protection. While you should always be aware of your surroundings and try not to touch or disturb anything you find beneath the waves, sometimes things happen. Whether you accidently touch a piece of coral, or get stuck in a wreck and need to use your hands to maneuver your way out, the possible scenarios are endless. Gloves will both protect your hands and will protect any items you may accidently touch from the potentially harmful oils on your skin.

    Alright, you know why you may need a pair of gloves, so let's dive in and take a look at some of the best ones. 

    Product Overview

    Our top Pick

    Cressi Tropical 2mm gloves, blue hunter, S

    • 2mm neoprene
    • Anti-slip palm coating
    • Velcro wrist closure

    Best Value

    Seavenger Abyss Dive Gloves | 1.5mm Neoprene Mesh | Scuba Diving, Wakeboarding, Spearfishing (Red, Small)

    • 1.5mm neoprene
    • Amara leather palms
    • Excellent Value

    Best Budget

    BPS 3mm Neoprene Dive Gloves with Anti Slip Palm - Five Finger Gloves for Sailing, Spearfishing, Paddleboarding, and Other Water Activities - for Men and Women (Black / Snorkel Blue, Small)

    • 3mm to 5mm neoprene
    • Low cost
    • Textured palm


    Aqua Lung 5mm Thermocline Zip Gloves - Small

    • 5mm neoprene
    • 2mm gusset
    • Ultra durable

    Best Gloves for Scuba Diving

    Best Overall Scuba Diving Gloves

    Cressi Tropical 2mm gloves, blue hunter, S

    Features At a Glance

    • 2mm thickness is the sweet spot for most conditions
    • Anti-slip palm coating increases grip
    • Velcro wrist closure is easily adjustable to hone in your fit


    • Great price
    • Blue and green camouflage options look fantastic
    • Great fit that allows ample use of fingers
    • Durable

    The Details:

    Cressi is a well known and trusted brand in the scuba diving space. The 2mm camouflage neoprene gloves are both functional and look extremely good in and out of the water. Made of soft and supple elastic neoprene that isn't too thick, these gloves stretch and comfort to your hand as needed, while offering complete movement of your fingers.

    The 2mm thickness is enough to ensure your hands stay warm in the vast majority of ocean temperatures without being excessively hot when you are out of the water. Additionally, a Black Metallite inner liner makes them easier to take on and off as neoprene by itself can sometimes be tricky to work with.

    These gloves are super stylish and looks good with a variety of wetsuits and rash guards.

    Best Value Dive Gloves

    Seavenger Abyss Dive Gloves | 1.5mm Neoprene Mesh | Scuba Diving, Wakeboarding, Spearfishing (Red, Small)

    Features At a Glance

    • 1.5mm neoprene is ideal for tropical climates without causing overheating
    • Amara leather palms increase texture and grip
    • Gloves come at an excellent price and are therefore a great value


    • Multiple Color options
    • Durable Leather Protection
    • Suitable for Spearfishing and Scuba Diving
    • Fit The Natural Curve of Your Hands
    • Reinforced Palm and Thumb for Durability

    The Details:

    The Seavenger Abyss 1.5mm Neoprene Diving Gloves are lightweight and durable enough to survive the toughest underwater conditions without breaking apart. 

    These gloves also ideal for spearfishing and scuba diving in warm waters. One of the best features regarding these scuba diving gloves is that they are designed to fit your hands' natural curve. 

    Therefore, you will not need to get worried about a narrow fit, as these will automatically adjust according to your hand, and you can enjoy an added grip.

    The neoprene layer is 1.5-millimeters thick, therefore offering maximum comfort and conservation for body heat in cooler waters. You can enjoy five different colors with this pair of gloves. The thumb and palm come reinforced with Amara leather protection. This way, you can enjoy the comfort and enhanced grip in a single pair of gloves.

    Best Budget Scuba Gloves

    BPS 3mm Neoprene Dive Gloves with Anti Slip Palm - Five Finger Gloves for Sailing, Spearfishing, Paddleboarding, and Other Water Activities - for Men and Women (Black / Snorkel Blue, Small)

    Features At a Glance

    • 3mm to 5mm neoprene options
    • Unisex
    • Hook and loop Velcro closure


    • Variety of color options to choose from for both men and women
    • Choice of 3mm to 5mm gloves depending on your needs and conditions
    • Low cost, providing a functional and affordable option

    The Details:

    The durable and well-made 3mm or 5mm BPS wetsuit gloves will keep your hands ultra comfortable and warm during any of your ocean activities. A textured, rubber palm provides excellent anti-slip grip both in and out of the water. The gloves are glued and stitched to reduce any water transfer through the seams, while the adjustable wrist strap secures the gloves and keep water or sand from entering.

    Coming in a variety of colors and thicknesses (including blue, pink, green, or grey camouflage) means that you can find a pair that suits your style and conditions with ease.

    Warmest Diving Gloves

    Aqua Lung 5mm Thermocline Zip Gloves - Small

    Features At a Glance

    • 5mm neoprene creates great warmth ideal for colder water temperatures
    • 2mm gusset allows ease of adjustment without allowing water in
    • The extra stitching, YKK zipper, and triple glued finger seams create an ultra durable product


    • Texturized Palm
    • Easy-to-Grasp Zipper
    • Adjustable Wrist Closure
    • Minimum Water Exchange

    The Details:

    The brilliant Aqua Lung Thermocline Zip 5mm Gloves are among the most comfortable scuba diving gloves in the market right now. These scuba diving gloves offer a textured palm for enhanced grip underwater or in wet conditions. 

    Moreover, these gloves combine the gusseted wrist mechanism with an easy-to-grasp zipper so that you can quickly take off these gloves during different scuba diving sessions. Therefore, these gloves are ranked among the most compatible models in the market. The hook and loop tab is another amazing feature that allows you to take off these without having to struggle for hours quickly.

    The gloves are made from 5mm Neoprene material that reduces water exchange and keeps your hands warm under any circumstances. Moreover, the texturized palm helps with enhanced grip. In addition to this, the custom-fit closure mechanism allows divers with different wrist sizes to wear these without issues.

    Scubapro Everflex Gloves 3mm


    • Texturized Palm
    • Lightweight
    • Water-Resistant Outer Layer
    • Ultra Stretch Neoprene Material
    • Ultra Stretch Silver Skin Lining
    • Minimum Water Exchange

    The Details:

    The SCUBAPRO Everflex Dive Gloves are made from scratch-resistant EverFlex neoprene material that offers breathability and flexibility at your fingertips. Moreover, the EverFlex neoprene is an ultra-stretch neoprene that conforms to your hand structure and moves with your movements. This is a lightweight model that offers maximum portability, and you can take it anywhere you want. The outer layer is made from water-resistant material so that you can quickly dry these up after scuba diving sessions. 

    You will also find an ultra-smooth Silverskin lining on the inside so that you can quickly take these off when you are done with scuba diving sessions. This pair of scuba diving gloves come with a metalite coating that offers a cell-like finish on the outside so that you can enjoy maximum grip. 

    Moreover, the texturized palm also helps with grip underwater, and you can use these to handle tools or other equipment underwater or in wet conditions. These scuba diving gloves will keep your hands warm at any temperature, and the glued seams will keep the water out. Therefore, you can minimize water exchange and maximize your scuba diving experience.

    U.S. Divers Comfo Sport 2mm Diving Gloves (X-Large)


    • Reinforced Synthetic Suede Palm
    • Lightweight Design
    • 2mm Neoprene Outer Layer
    • Elastic Band
    • Hook and Loop Closure
    • 2-Year Warranty

    The Details:

    The U.S. Divers Comfo Sport 2 mm Warm-Water Gloves come with a 

    reinforced synthetic suede palm and a 2mm neoprene back to minimize water exchange while maximizing underwater grip. These scuba diving gloves are ideal for warmer waters, and they offer durability and comfort at your fingertips. 

    The elastic band and the hook-and-loop closure are ideal for quickly taking these off or putting them on under any conditions. These gloves are lightweight, and you can fold them to keep in your luggage to take with you anywhere you go. The 2mm neoprene outer layer keeps your hands warm in any environment, and you can keep on enjoying an optimal body temperature and maximum grip. 

    The material is also designed to be flexible and comfortable so that you do not have to feel any itchiness and discomfort when you are underwater. If you choose to go with these scuba diving gloves, you can enjoy a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

    Lavacore - Standard Gloves, Black, Size L


    • Breathable Fabric
    • Wind-proof Material 
    • Water Resistant Outer Layer
    • Lightweight 
    • 4-way Stretch
    • Neutrally Buoyant
    • Flat Lock Seams
    • Anti-bacterial Inner Fleece 
    • UPF 50+ Protection

    The Details:

    Lavacore Five Finger Scuba Diving Gloves are perfect for layered requirements. These scuba diving gloves offer overlapped flatlock seams that help decrease water flow and drag force against your skin. Therefore, you can maximize your scuba diving experience with these gloves.

    Moreover, these gloves also offer moisture-wicking antibacterial material that can help you dry these without any issues. Therefore, you can stop worrying about any bacteria as the material is designed to offer maximum protection against any bacteria or viruses underwater.

    You can use these gloves as your primary scuba diving gloves or use them to layer up with other gloves. These are made from a thin material that offers maximum hand protection at your fingertips. The outer layer of these gloves is water-resistant, therefore offering a quick-drying procedure at your discretion.

    You can use these gloves for scuba diving or camping in icy conditions. This can be worn under your primary gloves, which will help keep your hands warm under icy conditions.

    Scuba Glove Buying Guide

    If you think you can choose the first pair of scuba diving gloves you see in the market, you are wrong. These gloves are designed to keep our hands warm and protected underwater. Therefore, you need to spend some time and research before choosing the best pair of scuba diving gloves for your next underwater adventure. Otherwise, you may end up with scratches or cold hands and invite other diseases. 

    That's why you need to take out the time to understand the elemental factors associated with choosing the finest pair of scuba diving gloves for your requirements. Here are the topmost factors for consideration before getting the best scuba diving gloves for your next adventure.

    Understanding the Material

    The material of your scuba diving gloves will determine whether or not these will exchange water and keep your hands warm. Therefore, you will need to understand the different materials used in the construction of scuba diving gloves to choose the best option for yourself.

    Neoprene is the most commonly used material due to its high level of flexibility and durability underwater. The neoprene material can withstand the toughest terrains without any issues, and it can also offer maximum comfort and durability underwater. 

    Moreover, this material is known for amazing insulating properties, therefore ideal for keeping your hands cold and your temperature at an optimal level while scuba diving. Another amazing thing about this material is that it works well underwater. This is why neoprene is used to construct a wide variety of diving gear and equipment. The best scuba diving gloves also contain outer layers of neoprene to offer maximum grip and comfort at your fingertips.

    However, if you want to invest your money and time in other materials, you should know that some of the top options are synthetic textiles, leather, and a combination of these materials. While neoprene is the most commonly preferred material for scuba diving gloves, some divers also choose synthetic textiles and other options for greater sensitivity and grip.

    Now that you know the primary material used for constructing these gloves, you should also know that manufacturers reinforce the palms and the thumbs of your gloves with different materials, such as Kevlar. 

    Kevlar is known to offer shock-resistance, and it works great as a reinforcement material. It can offer abrasion-resistance, therefore protecting your palms and thumbs underwater. This is a popular choice when you go underwater cave diving or spearfishing.

    Thickness Levels

    Choosing the right thickness level is as important as choosing the right material. The thickness of your scuba diving gloves will depend upon the temperature of your next scuba diving location. 

    If you wish to go diving in cold waters, you will have to get the maximum thickness you can afford. In contrast, if you wish to go scuba diving in warm waters, you can opt for any thickness level as the outer neoprene material will help keep the water away from your hands.

    The general choice for warm water is up to 1.5mm in thickness. On the other hand, if you desire to go scuba diving in mild waters, the average thickness level is around 2mm to 3mm. Lastly, if you want to go diving in cold waters, you will have to choose a high level of thickness, ranging from 3mm to 7mm.

    Fastening Mechanism

    Another important element in deciding the right pair of scuba diving gloves is the sealing system or the fastener used to construct your gloves. This sealing system is responsible for determining the insulation performance of your gloves in different conditions. The different fasteners offer various sealing qualities and insulation performances. 

    The sealing system used in your gloves will determine how much water exchange you will have to go through in your next scuba diving session. This can easily raise or decrease your hand's 

    temperature, therefore modifying the temperature of your body. This is why you need to choose the right sealing system for yourself, as it can have a massive impact on your next scuba diving experience.

    One of the most common fastener types is the zip fastener. Moreover, these fasteners come with a large puller, so you can quickly take the gloves off after the diving session. Another commonly used fastener mechanism is the Velcro straps. However, Velcro straps start giving up after frequent usage underwater.

    Another most popular method is the wrist sealing method that utilizes the glove's flexibility to offer sealant properties against water. This way, you can say goodbye to the zip or a Velcro system, and these gloves can be sealed using the wrist sealing method.

    Finger Design

    The finger design is an elemental factor in choosing the best scuba diving gloves for yourself. The majority of scuba diving gloves utilize the classic five-finger glove design. This offers greater mobility and an enhanced grip at your fingertips.

    However, the mitten-shaped design is also a popular design among divers going diving in extremely cold waters. The mitten design is padded with extra layers of insulation that help prevent water exchange and temperature modification underwater. The four fingers stay together in this design and retain heat without any issues, whereas the design offers a separate space for the thumb. This can be quite helpful for handling different equipment in cold waters.

    Another commonly used design is the open finger mechanism. This design is specifically for warm waters where you do not have to worry about intense cold temperatures. This way, the top half of your fingers will be outside the gloves, and you can easily handle different scuba gear equipment without worrying about any slippery consequences.

    How Can You Take Care Of Your Scuba Diving Gloves?

    Whether you want to take care of your scuba diving gloves or other diving equipment, the procedure remains the same. The first thing you will have to do is clean your scuba diving gloves with fresh water after each session. 

    This cleaning process will help you eliminate any saltwater residues from the gloves. Make sure to wash the gloves thoroughly on the inside as well. You can also use specific neoprene-friendly soaps to help with this process.

    Once you have cleaned your scuba diving gloves with fresh water, all that is left to do is to leave them in a well-ventilated and warm place so that they can dry up quickly. However, you should make sure to keep them out of the reach of the sun's harmful rays, as these rays can easily damage the neoprene material and reduce your glove's lifespan.

    Final Thoughts

    The best scuba diving gloves will help protect your hands, minimize water exchange, and obtain an optimal body temperature. Therefore, you should take your time and decide on the best pair for yourself, and you need to make sure that the chosen model is ideal for your next scuba diving location. 

    You can choose scuba diving gloves based on their color or style. You have to take into account the harsh conditions of your next scuba diving location and choose accordingly. The gloves mentioned above are ideal for different locations and water conditions. The final choice will depend upon your preferences and water conditions. Hopefully this article provided some good ideas on the best scuba diving gloves for your needs!


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